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  • Roverlike ·
    I suppose pointless part comes from temperatures during the year. In my case, where I live, we are using A/C about 3/4 of the year - for cooling (most of the time) and demisting windows (the rest of the time). So from my point of view it is must.

    At the end all comes to the point how much you want something and are you willing to do it.
    Roverlike ·
    If you do homework right it will not be that hard. I mean, you need to source exact parts you need (pipes, a/c rad, evaporator, switch, wires, relay...) and with half day work time you can do it.

    I would recommend NEW compressor and NEW belt and you will have long time working a/c.

    Mine homework task was somewhat more difficult as K-series 8v engines did not have a/c at all in any combination (not even as installable option), so I needed to source Diavia parts for installation.

    Of course, at the end you need qualified person to fill the system with gas.

    PS: By mistake I answered in my profile and realised that just now... :)
    SnapdragonGT ·
    Alright bruvvva!

    Hey dude, how's it going? how goes the search for the T16? I'm still loving the idea of the first known (to me at least!) T16 Turbo StreetWise, would be very cool! I think you need to, you do!

    Well, what can I say? progress on project 'dog' is pretty slow, lack of funds and time being the biggest stumbling blocks :-(

    However, in other news, I've come up with a slightly Heath Robinson way to get around packaging issues up front, the radiator is going at the back! (I bet you're slowly shaking your head at me right now :lol:).

    I need to cut the wheel well out and weld some sheet steel in place so as the rad has somewhere to sit. I've got the steel now (2x1 metres of it!) so when the weather picks up I'll be busting out the angle grinder and getting to work, talk about a bit final!

    More retarded idiocy on my part to follow! haha!
    SnapdragonGT ·
    Hey bud!

    How are the thoughts for the T16 powered SW coming along? that would be very awesome, far less expected than all the converted Zeds out there! I also like the idea of AWD in a SW, it's a pity that wasn't a factory option to be honest! If you need a hand with owt and I've a free day, give me a shout!

    I've done a few updates on the blog, nothing too exciting but it's a little tantalising progress! Next I'll drop the engine in the bay on the dolly and work can start PROPER! woot! :D
    SnapdragonGT ·
    Hey dude! how's it going fella?

    Don't worry, the T5 Maestro is still on the way, but due to a few setbacks, mainly time and financially related it's been stuffed onto the backburner for a little bit. The idea is to take it slow and steady over Winter and hopefully I'll be taking it for its MOT early next Spring! :D

    I've ditched the Impreza intercooler idea now and reverting back to a Sierra Cosworth intercooler in the front bumper again!

    I've still not fitted the new cambelt or waterpump to the T5 yet either, I'm so lame!
    SnapdragonGT ·
    Ayup fella!

    Glad you enjoyed the Volvo-rich vids! I suspect at the slightest provocation it will light the tyres up, and that's just in the dry! it will be a proper handful I'm tellin' ya! I think some Yoko A048s and the T5R LSD would sort out the majority of traction issues though, even in the wet ;)

    I'll have to knacker the Goodyear Eagles on the car as an excuse to get some Yokos bunged on! :D
    SnapdragonGT ·
    Ayup fella! Lol, well not got a lot done on the T5 so far, but my mate's pulling the engine over Sunday and Monday, and I'll gathering up the rest of the bits I'll need aswell, ECU, wiring etc. Then I can start on removing the M16 from the Maestro and having a play around with the T5, literally can't wait! if it all comes to plan, I'll keep it in mind if you want to do a Streetwise T5 ;)

    Until then, here's a bit of inspiration!:

    soooperspeed ·
    thats still very good i think they had the shocks and everything so fitting will be a doddle
    i did deply my stick of protection but alas the sword of go do the dishes came out lol and neutralised it
    Bionic ·
    just test then if u dont like them then sell them on m8 u wont loose much if not nothing you might even gain if you clean them up abit and put them back up forsale
    Benny Dub ·
    yeah I know how you mean. At the mo (aswell as my cambelt needing changing) she needs a blood good (and quite overdue) service, and also my heater matrix keeps spitting out water when the aircon is on, so I think I'll change that. Got my 200 still sat round the back so I'll just nick it out of there!

    Got a PS2 and DVD player and another amp to go in aswell so need a good few days working on it to wort everything out. I want it perfect when she gets back on the road!
    Benny Dub ·
    Hi mate, yeah she seems fine now. Haven't lost any coolant for ages, and put the leaking dashboard thing down to the heater matrix as it only really happens in hot weather when the air con has been on for ages. Need to get that replaced really but its just hard finding the thime!

    She's not being used at the mo though because I've got the cambelt due in about 50 miles and haven't got the money to get it done at the mo, so need to get that sorted asap. Driving around in the girlfriends 106 at the mo lol.

    How's yours?
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