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  • Dakta ·
    ARGGGHHH! I'm covered with oil!!!! (Thankfully it seems to just be the new sump gasket so I'm off to tighten that).

    She boosts from...oh god help me....2000.

    That's with the vanes adjusted to be slightly open though, to prevent compressor surge, I'l see if they can behave better in a mo.

    In the meantime though, she generally seems to be holding her oil.

    edit: it's the sump gasket, it's gone into the sump under one bolt. You wouldn't know any tricks on getting it back without undoing the whole stupid lot again by any chance?
    Cap'n ZS ·
    That pesky rootkit virus returned and very nearly wrote off me PC. Fortunately I've managed to restore it after about 7 hours of messing about. Hows your car gearbox going? And we'er missing you at the ELR!
    Dakta ·
    Just run out of charge just as you rang, been beeping all day but I'm under a HGV engine so not really in the best position to do ought about it.

    sup with the quad-core beast?
    Dakta ·
    I'm brave, but not succesfull. Ever heard of an 'aluminium scar'? well i've got one. On my head. So has my clutch :(
    Dakta ·
    I am very much alive. My internet, however isn't. I'VE GOT NO INTERNET! :O (at home anyway, im at the unit where im about to try and singlehandedly fit a gearbox onto my 400 with very low axle stands, not gunna work but it has to sort of thing).

    baylarm ·
    hello mate,
    i`m new to the forum, and wanted to get some independant advice, wondering if you have a few mins.

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