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  1. Resurrecting my TF

    MGF and MGTF
    Thanks - have found Russell's website and asked him to quote: - cambelts - altenator belt - brake fluid change and check calipers - coolant change - all filters (oil, air, fuel) and plugs I will leave it to his discretion on the water pump, belt tensioner and anything else he feels needs some...
  2. Resurrecting my TF

    MGF and MGTF
    Thanks all - looks like I had better book Russell and get the belts done. I've got a couple of long trips planned, including Le Mans in June so I don't want any catastrophes. Assume Russell is still around and recommended? Should I get him to do the HG too? Its still original (30K miles) and...
  3. Resurrecting my TF

    MGF and MGTF
    The combination of babies and boats have put the MG on the back burner of later and after a number of years of little use (3, maybe 4) I've decided to get my TF sorted over the coming months and get some proper use out of it this summer. Its done approx 1200 miles in the last 4 years, 800 of...
  4. le500 window problem

    MGF and MGTF
    Sorry for the thread drift but I've got a similar problem on my 2004 TF The driver window is in the up position and does nothing if I press the switch to go down - however I can hear the relay click if I press up. Assume this rules out a BCU/Replay problem and is pointing to a fault in the...
  5. I think its time to say goodbye

    MG / Rover Related Chat - up to 2005
    Headgaskets dont go that often - there is either an underlying problem or you have a bad mechanic! Fixed properly it should outlast the rest of the car
  6. My MG3 Update thread

    MG 3
    Agree - I would double check the discs - dealers seem to replace very prematurely. MINI wanted to replace the discs on my wifes car - I took it to our local garage that does our MOTs and his view was that there was another 20K in them. 2 years later and they still havent been replaced. Brake...
  7. Me and my TF are going on a journey together.

    MGF and MGTF
    A few years ago I drove my TF 160 from NE England to Lake Garda in Italy and back in a week - in fact on the way home we did it in one go (shared driving) with the car only stopping for fuel and the 2hr ferry from Calais to Dover. My annual mileage in my company car (Golf) averages 35K a year...
  8. Taxi!

    MG 6
    Looking at MG Newcastle Facebook site BlueLine have taken 10 I think - all in white! Will be a good test for reliability of the diesel
  9. Another dealer leaving?

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    I havent bought a car magazine for years. I remember at the time there was rumour that a new Golf was imminent but I couldnt get any info from the internet as to when exactly that would be. The dealer either didnt know or chose not to say. I guess someone has to have the last one off the...
  10. Another dealer leaving?

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    Every manufacturer in the UK will do exactly the same thing - none would disclose to a member of public their new models or facelift launch dates, it would be commercial suicide. Try ringing VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Vauxhall, Honda, Nissan, Totota etc etc tomorrow and ask them what they are going...
  11. MG6 Auto, and more..........

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    One of the biggest culprit right here. I've followed many a thread full of your empty pointless posts. Mods - what's going on? Have you seen your monthly stats? They are dire. A car forum is supposed to a place where like minded enthusiasts have a platform to get together, help each other...
  12. MG6 Auto, and more..........

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    Totally agree with everything you have just said. I have been a member here for a long time and although I dont post much now I still check in a few times a week to see whats going on. I am actually considering a MG6 or MG3 to replace my wifes MINI - we have twins now and the MINI is really no...
  13. PRESS RELEASE - MG3 is dealer’s fastest selling car

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    I noticed on Twitter today that W H Brand is up to 90 orders this year so far - if the other dealers are as good a Summit and Brand then MG should start to do very well! Big IF though!
  14. Guess the UK registrations for MG - August 2014

    MG / SAIC / Roewe Related Chat
    Agree. Most sales will be private and not fleet/hire - cannot see anyone wanting an old plate if they can hang on a bit. Yes a Teesside dealer would be very nice - we would probably own a 3 if that was the case. Did a Autotrader search and no MG Motor cars used or new in quite some distance...
  15. MG6 amongst the best cars to own in 2014

    MG 6
    Its quite possible its down to the experience they have with their dealer as well. I have some really stupid niggles on my Golf that the dealer is clearly showing their incompetence - they are letting the side down badly by not sorting them at all. If I did a survey I will be honest enough to...