MG Models from 1999 to 2005

When Phoenix took over the company in 2000, the only MG model in production was the MGF. The MG side of the company had been starved of development mainly because BMW didn't want the MGF competing with the Z3 and as a result the MGF was never really developed under BMW, the only addition during BMW's time was the Stepspeed gearbox (then called StepTronic, but BMW kept that trademark, meaning MG Rover had to rename it).
So, the P4 quickly got Rob Oldaker's engineering team to tweak the Rover cars and make them into a range of sports cars. These were initially unveiled as the X10, X20 and X30. Shortly afterwards the Zed cars were officially launched and given their correct names, the ZR, ZS and ZT. The ZT-T came along shortly afterwards following the launch of the successful Rover 75 Tourer.
The Zeds were launched in 2001 and the earliest models are on a Y plate. Due to the interchangeability of the parts, you may come across cars that look like an MG Zed, but are on earlier plates. More than likely they are Rover cars simply fitted with the MG bodykits - so be warned if you see a cheap ZR on a T plate!
Soon after the launch of the Zeds, the MGF was given a major overhaul and relaunched as the MG TF. Due to a blunder at MG Rover HQ, no one noticed that the MG TF moniker had already been used on a previous car decades before, so we now have the situation of having a vintage MG TF and a moden MG TF!

The Zeds were face lifted for the 2004 Model Year (MY). The updated designs were done by Peter Stevens and were designed to reflect the MG Styling seen on the recently unveiled MG SV.
Lastly, MG's first and so far, only Supercar was launched at the 2002 Birmingham Motorshow - the MG SV. It didn't actually end up going into production until a couple of 18 months or so later, but the distinctive MG certainly pretty much defined the term 'marmite car'. It really is a car you either love or hate!
So below you will find all the information on both the Mk1 cars and the Mk2 cars. Just click on the car for further information.


MG Zed Saloons Mk1 - 2001 to 2003


MG Zed Saloons Mk2 - 2004 to 2005