MG6 Diesel Review

22nd November 2012
MG6 Diesel
MG6 Diesel
The result is an engine, whilst not class-leading is certainly not outdated. 150Bhp and 350NM (260 lb/f) of torque are respectable as is the economy of 46.1 mpg Urban, 59 mpg Extra Urban and 53.5 Combined. Co2 is rated at 139g (all preliminary figures at the moment). 

The gearbox is also an all-new design and I have to say is one of the best gearboxes I've ever used. Smooth, quick and the ratios are perfect for the diesel engine.

So, the million dollar question - is it any good. In a nutshell its superb. I've driven quite a few Diesels myself, from the Rover 220 SDi to Rover 75 and MG ZT & ZT-T versions in various states of tune. In DTi form it certainly made for an enjoyable drive and the changes made to the suspension were spot on. Its not too firm and it absorbs the bumps very well indeed, resulting in a ride that inspires confidence to push it on a bit further. More than once through the twisty lanes I glanced down at the speedo to find that I was going quite a bit faster than I thought, it simply didn't feel like I was going the speed it said!

Suffice to say, had this car been around 6 months ago, I may well have got one instead of the car I ended up in as I wouldn't have looked any further and its definitely on the shortlist for when i come to change again.

The MG6 does straddle the C and D segments of the market, sitting between a Focus and a Mondeo (to use Ford as an example) - although its nearer the Mondeo size, but it has the interior space of the larger D segment and the handling of the smaller C segment. It also has quite a price benefit over the larger cars too, both in purchase costs and running costs.

Using MG supplied data, they predict that over 3 years, the MG6 Diesel would cost around £17,500 in Depreciation, Fuel, Insurance and Servicing costs vs £17,100 for an Octavia TDi 140 SE, £23,250 for an Honda Accord DTEC 150ES GT Nav, £20,900 for an Insignia CDTi 160 Exclusive Nav and £20,600 for a Hyundai i40 Style.

They also estimate it will have 4% better residual values than the petrol MG6, so all in all, on the financial side of things it does make for a competitive package.

The prices for the Diesel start at £16,995 for the S specification, rising to £20,195 for the TSE GT and £21,195 for the Magnette. Specifications wise, they are better specified than the Petrol versions, befitting from the addition of climate control across all Diesel models in addition to the Diesel specific features, such as the 6 speed box and stop-start.

This compares to £16,500 starting price for the poorer-specified TDi 105 S Octavia and quite a bit less than the base Insignia at £20,545.

Is it a perfect car? No, the same old MG6 issues remain, the interior isn't the best, the instrument pack has an air of Fisher Price about it and cheapens the whole inside of the car - particularly the fuel and temperature gauges and the thumb scroll buttons on the steering wheel are inaccurate and not the best things to try and use whilst you're driving.

Its a shame, but its a hangover from the origins of the car in the Roewe 550. We can only hope that a comprehensive interior facelift at some point can address those issues. Otherwise though, in Magnette form its a really good looking car (the GTs OK, but personally I prefer the Magnette) and niggles aside, its a really good drivers car - more so than the petrol I'd have to say and if you're in the market for a car such as the MG6, you really should give it a try.
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MG6 Diesel
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Article Last Updated 4th December 2012