About Us

Established in 2001, MG-Rover.org is the ultimate web site for MG and Rover enthusiasts throughout the United Kingdom, across Europe and around the world! Managed by an experienced and dedicated team of MG Rover enthusiasts, MG-Rover.org is now much more than simply a website it is a community, drawn together by a shared interest in MG and Rover cars. From a standing start in April 2001, MG-Rover.org has grown to become the worlds single most popular web resource for MG and Rover owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts. Today, around 200,000 people visit the site every month and there are more than 75,000 registered members on the forums and we constantly get between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month. Indeed, the site is now much more than simply a website its a unique community of people, drawn together by a shared interest in MG and Rover cars. And best of all, access to the site is entirely free and always will be! MG-Rover.org first appeared online in April 2001. The brainchild of Steve Childs, from Walsall in the West Midlands, Steve had recently become the proud owner of an MGF. However, prior to purchasing his F, Steve had searched the web - often in vain - for information on the F and other MG Rover cars. Recognising, the requirement for a site devoted to MG and Rover cars, Steve decided to do something about it and MG-Rover.org was born!
Initially, the site concentrated upon trackday reports, news and owners reports. However, as MG-Rover.org began to attract an ever-increasing number of visitors, more content and features were added. By June 2002, the site was proving so successful that Steve resigned from his job as a Software Engineer, to devote all his energies and enthusiasm into the website.

At the beginning of 2002 the online shop was added in conjunction with Richardsons Performance Motorsport, part of the Richardsons Group (comprising a few Seat dealerships and Richardsons MG Rover in Tiverton, Devon). The shop steadily grew month on month and following the collapse of MG Rover in 2005 the shop is now handled by XPart, the OEM distributor for parts for MGs and Rovers. XPart is a part of the huge multinational blue-chip company Caterpillar inc.

In 2002 we were forced to upgrade the computer the website is served from, due to the outstanding success of the website, we also took the opportunity to upgrade the forum software to vBulletin, the standard for Internet forum software. Soon after we added the gallery, which replaced the existing Image Gallery with a far more powerful and feature laden gallery, which most importantly, was integrated with the forums to offer unsurpassed features for our members. Not only had gone from having the most popular MG and Rover enthusiasts forum, we now had a gallery which would allow members to upload their own pictures to the site.

The website was not setup as a commercial interest and it is not the goal of any of the people involved to make loads of money from the site. The site was setup with the goal of helping present and future owners of MG and Rover cars, that is still the goal of the site. The depth of expertise in the moderation team is a testament to the helpful and friendly people we have on the forums who can help and assist you in a variety of activities.

Fast forward to 2010 and the MG brand is now in the hands of new owners, the MG6 is Longbridge bound and the TF has been back in production for a number of months. But mg-rover.org has had the same look pretty much since 2002. Until February the 8th 2010, which is when the new-look MG-Rover.org site was launched. Many exciting things are planned for the future, the new look and feel is only the start!

The website is fully independent, owned and run by Steve Childs who in-turn is Managing Director of Online Enthusiasts Ltd, the company setup to run the website.